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Friday, October 29, 2010

Scary Stuff

I love Halloween, its my favorite holiday of the year, and my husband and kids agree (except, for the kids at least, the gift-getting part of Christmas – greedy little munchkins). This year, though, its been disappointing – Hubby's been so busy with school and homework that he's basically ignored us all for months, or tried to. So Halloween decorating was the last thing on his mind. Usually its his "area" and I am just directed to plug things in or occasionally refill the fogger with the fog fluid. His goal is to be that house that goes so over the top for Halloween that the local paper takes a picture or something. Halloween decorating is just so much more FUN than Christmas decorating. We are a family with a sick, twisted sense of humor much of the time and Halloween is when we can express it with no (or less) of the "You guys are so weird" looks. Even our two year old goes NUTS around this time of year when we go to Walgreens or something and she gets to run through the aisles like a mad child setting off every dancing skeleton and cackling witch decoration she can find. She sleeps with her Halloween snowglobe cause it keeps the "scaries" away (so she says). She wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, which I was all for…at first. She tends to really GET INTO her roles, if you know what I mean (she has spent days at a time as a cat, staying in character even in the midst of a tantrum). So when she started baring her fangs recently and then tried to bite her grandpa's neck – we decided on a princess costume. Blah.

But the three older kids will all be somewhere else for trick or treating and its the first time I haven't taken them *sniff*. The girls are going to their respective dad houses (someday I will lay out the twisted and confusing family tree that we have going on) and our little man is going to his other half sister's house for a birthday party sleepover and trick or treating (see what I mean?). So its just me and the littlest one this year, with a friend of mine and her even littler one, and hubby's staying home to hand out candy.

And my oldest daughter decided she didn't like her costume so she took my Freddy Krueger one, and I am costumeless.

BAH HUM BUG! (or is it BOO HUM BUG?)

No one dressed up at work either.

And now its Friday and no one wants to go to lunch with me. I LIVE for Friday lunches. But I guess its just a lunchable pack and me. BOOOOOOOOOO

God, I'm a whiny little bitch lately aren't I? Okay I'm going to go and try to find some happy, or something.

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