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I'm turning 30 next year, trying to make some positive changes in my life and family to bring us back on the right path. I am a mother of four crazy beautiful kids, lucky wife to my computer geek husband, and I work full time. Quirky, Goofy, Creative, Bookworm, Wannabe Sewer, Striving for Zen, Dedicated to my family and Loyal to my friends, and just crazy enough to keep things interesting. That's me, more or less.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tita made me do it

So my sister in law stumbled upon my blog and she made me feel like maybe I should be doing this still. She's right. And she said I should be writing cause I'm GOOD AT IT. I used to be? So rusty now. Maybe I'll post some of my old writing from high school to inspire myself! I need to stop using the excuse that I'm too busy with my life to do things for ME, that help me, and also happen to flex my brain muscle. My brother seconded the motion and I'm pretty sure that might be legally binding. So if I don't start doing this again I'm going to have a feisty Mexican to answer to. Shit. She can be scary, trust me.

I pinky swear Tita that I will start doing this again. If I don't, you can give me a wet willy.