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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Power Punch Lunch

So my exercise insane co-worker (whom I love dearly) has convinced me to spend my lunch hour at a kick-boxing class at the gym in the building where I work.

I don't exercise on purpose. I'm not saying I don't exercise…just only as a by-product of doing other things that I actually LIKE doing. Like walking the dogs, riding bikes with the kids, chasing them around a park, and especially hiking. I LOVE hiking through nature areas throughout the twin cities and beyond and exploring.

But like going to a gym and putting on "workout clothes" (which I realized after agreeing to this I did not own) and sweating along with a bunch of other people while we follow the commands of some high strung, super skinny, sado masochistic instructor? NO. That's just not me.

But *sigh* maybe it should be. So I'm going to do this. Kick-boxing actually sounds kind of fun.

My real issue? Looking like a total moron who has never exercised on purpose. Which I am.

Flashbacks to all those gym classes that I was picked last for being the nerdy skinny bookworm girl who was ridiculously uncoordinated. I STILL AM THAT GIRL!

Lets hope this goes well. Not sure what the best case scenario is, but I'm shooting for minimal pain and embarrassment.

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