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Friday, February 11, 2011


Nothing is more depressing than February in Minnesota -- Its freaky cold, like that type of cold that makes it hard to breathe, where any part of your body exposed starts to ACHE after just a few seconds.  And by thismonth, I'm so sick of winter, I have moved past cabin fever into winter depression.  But today is supposed to warm up.  That will help, but once it really warms up, then comes the SPRING THAW.  The worst time of year for an owner of two (large) dogs.  Approximately 4-5 months of frozen poop layered in the three foot drfits of snow in my yard....just waiting to melt into a yard covering sludge.  Awesome. 

I know Valentines day is this month...but I personally feel that it is probably the most unromantic month there is.  Besides above-mentioned winter blues, its too cold for any real loving.  My giant fleece sleep pants, fluffy socks that make me look like I have muppet feet, dry winter hair and skin, and my old red bathrobe = COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE, not sexy.  Plus I just don't have the motivation to shave in the winter....which I'm sure doesn't help.   Ugh.  And since I haven't had a cigarette since new years -- I've gained like 10 pounds.  When I mentioned this to my sweet husband, his response was "at least you'll be warmer in the winter".  Huh.  Thanks.  Apparently he HAS been listening to my never ending complaints about the cold. 

Anyway, other than hating this month and this state, things are pretty decent.  Every day is pretty much the same right now, so not much new going on, but here's a few tidbits:

  • Very concerned that Anjolie's eyebrows do not seem to be growing back.  Upside is, I no longer burst into laughter every time we have a face-to-face conversation.  And she doesn't seem too bothered by it, and hey they are HER eyebrows. 
  • The kids started hip hop dance class.  I think its quite cool that with three kids from different sets of parents, and when Chris and I have no musical talent, somehow we ended up with such talented kids.  Kaia plays the drums, and can sing damn good, and is the choreographer extraordinaire.  Eddie can dance like you've never seen, and can sign his little butt off.  Anjolie is an amazing dancer too, loves to sing, and can write like somehow three times her age.  Now when are my talented little midgets going to make me a millionaire?  
  • Eddie started Cub Scouts.  So cool to see him bonding with his daddy over pinewood derby cars and power tools. 
  • Chris loves his job!  YAY!! I hate mine!  Boo!!!  Okay not always....today...yes.
  • I lost part of a tooth eating wasabi peas.  No cavity, it just broke.  You can't REALLY tell, but my husband still delights in calling me his hillbilly wife.  
  • I got my new ring!!!  My kick ass hubby got me a new wedding band and ring setting for my diamond -- I turned out to be allergic to my last one (yellow gold) and he surprised me.  And he even got down on one knee to give it to me since he forgot the last time.  Before you go "awwww" I should mention we were sitting at the coffeetable eating subway with the kids.  Still adorable though :) 
  • Bella insists her nipples are her "other bellybuttons".  She also is boycotting underwear since it gives her "wedgies".  *Sigh*  That child is the single most stubborn person I have ever met in my life.  
I tend to ramble.  I got some ramen noodles to slurp down, so there you have it.  February (kind of) sucks.  Bring on the spring thaw!   

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